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What is a Cat Cafe? 

Cat cafe's originated in Asia in 1998, cat cafes are a great way for people to enjoy the company of furry felines. Whether it is because people can't have pets at home or need some extra kitty therapy, cat cafes are a great way to get your cat fix. Cats are actually the most popular pet in the U.S. according to a study done by the American Veterinary Medical  Association. 

 When you walk in you will notice two separate spaces. One space for the cafe and another where cats roam in a separate, enclosed room — a cat lounge, so to speak. For a fee, you can reserve an hour or ½ hour to play with the cats in a living room–like environment. Many participants claim to enjoy just sitting back sipping their drinks while watching the cats in a stress-free space. The cafe is run as a normal cafe that you would go to serving coffee, tea, and other baked goods.

Our Story

Bajahs Cat Cafe is the only cat cafe in Rhode Island. Founded in 2021 by owner Amanda Souza-Viera who has a passion for animals and animal rights. Amanda opened the cafe to help all cats that needed shelter, vetting, and adoption. With this vision she created an  environment throughout the cafe to be relaxing and calming. At Bajahs you can study, meet up with friends, or even make new friends. 


Come checkout our menu anytime between business hours where we sell coffee, tea, chai, pastries, and breakfast sandwiches (served all day). All of our drinks are named after cats such as our kitty-ccino and RI kitty. Even Bajahs exclusive mascot Kiki has a new beverage named after her every season.

How to Adopt

To apply for a kitty you must make a reservation to meet the kitty first. Then we can begin the adoption process together.


Bajah's Villa House Rules

Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Do not pull on any cat’s tail or any part of the cat’s body. Do not give them any food or treats unless instructed by staff. Never attempt to hold or carry a cat. It's okay if a cat sits on your lap, just don't pick them up. No yelling, running, or jumping in the cat room. Please feel free to take photos, but no flash photography.

Have a fun and relaxing time!

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